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Law of the Devil
Chapter 1 - Retard

translated by A013

When Duwei Roland was just born, no one dared to call him retarded. He was once so far as to be considered a genius of the Roland family.

Three years ago, when Duwei was born into the Earl Roland family, he gave a scare to the midwives. Because he never cried or make a sound.

He never needed an adult to coax him. His life is more normal than a regular adult, waking up at a consistent time, open his mouth when the meals come, and go to bed at night. Aside from opening his mouth to eat, no sound came out from his mouth. The only thing he did everyday is stare into open space.

He also rarely wet his bed, because he learned to pull the bell next to his crib. After a while, everytime he pulled the bell, the maids will come to help him. This act convinced the Roland family that the little master is a genius at such a young age.

However, this title only lasted less than half a year... because he never talked.

Children his age would have learned to speak simple words, such as “papa, mama”. But Duwei’s mouth is like sealed with a curse. No matter how much the Earl’s wife taught him, not a single sound came out of his mouth.

Even someone born mute can still hum a few sounds. But this little master is as silent as a rock. When he’s cold, hungry, needs to use the toilet, he will only pull the bell.

The Earl’s wife hired many respectable doctors, and even a few magicians to see if he’s cursed. But it was to no avail. In the end, even the optimistic Earl’s wife became sad. It seems her son is indeed retarded.

Fortunately, Duwei can walk at age three. Even though it’s half crawling, half walking, this is no different from other children.

During a stormy night a month ago, a major event happened in the Earl’s mansion.

Duwei crawled out from his room to the courtyard when the maids weren’t looking. He just stood there looking at the sky. Rain was pouring on him, and even thunder did not scare him. He clenched his fists as shouted at to the sky.

The little master that hadn’t made a sound in three years finally opened his mouth. He kept on shouting until the servants found him. He was soaking wet. His body was cold and shivering. His face pale.

The Earl’s wife came at an instant after hearing it. Then she fainted. When she woke up, she held onto her son and wept. The doctors fed him various medicines. Even two light magicians were hired to use healing spells on him.

But the little master’s body got colder and colder. His mother ran to the temple of the Goddess of Light and fetch a priest. The priest casted a blessing on Duwei. And the Earl’s wife kneeled in front of the Goddess statue the whole night praying for her son.

It wasn’t until the next day when the boy’s body started to warm up. At least his life is saved. He remained unconscious for another day. The Earl’s wife held onto him this whole time, and barely ate anything herself. After two days, her face had withered.

Then Duwei said something on his sleep. It seems to be sleep talk. Nobody can understand what it meant. But since the little master never learned to talk, it may be just nonsense sounds a baby makes.

However the Earl’s wife was delighted. After listening to Duwei carefully, she asked the maids, “Is there someone called Mard that took care of Duwei?”

“Madam, there isn’t a servant by that name.”

The servants searched through the whole mansion. Then they found a stable hand by that name. The Earl’s wife summoned him immediately.

“My son was saying your name in his sleep, Mard. I don’t know why he said it. Perhaps it’s a prophesy from the Goddess of Light. From this day on, you no longer work in the stable. You will serve the little master by his side.”

Mard was delighted. He suddenly went from a lowly stable hand to the little master’s servant. He can see the light in his future.

Though Duwei didn’t know. He was only enraged and shouted against the Gods that day. He got soaked by rain and almost lost his life. He also didn’t know he was simply cursing “Fuck” during his sleep, and someone had benefited hugely from it.

Duwei’s injury lasted a whole month. That little fragile body of his became even weaker. It wasn’t until a month before his face became less pale. But the days became just like before. The little master still doesn’t talk. He even paid no attention to Mard. He stared into empty space every day. However, sometimes the maids talked about how the Earl’s wife held onto him for two days without sleep and rest, and kneeled in front of the Goddess statue for a whole knight...

After that when the Earl’s wife came to see her son, there was a hint of emotion in his eyes, a hint of warmth.

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