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Law of the Devil
Chapter 10 - Who Knows!

translated by A013

Relin bit her lips and continued acting. She said in a soft and low voice, “What...what are you planning to do with me?” while looking at him with a pitiful expression.

Duwei laughed and scanned her teasingly. She could feel that there was no sign of desire.

Duwei threw her a blanket to cover her body.

“I don’t want a half naked girl staring at me when I am concentrating. Your acting was horrible. I still have things to do. If you want to seduce me, think of something else while I work.”

This tone, those eyes, gosh, what kind of boy is this. Relin thought. He’s seemed more experienced than I am.

Duwei found a comfortable position in the chair and took out a magnifying glass. He scanned the patterns on the armor carefully and even copied them down on paper.

All the while Relin didn’t said a word. She just stare at this weird guy. How can a boy act like he had so much experience with women?

“I am interested in your three equipments.” Duwei said without raising his head. “The leather armor has a magical pattern on it, increasing strength and agility. Looking at the corner of this armor, it seems like this armor had lived through quite some time. In my eyes, it has more value as an antique than an armor. Furthermore, there’s an emblem engraved. If my memories are correct, it belonged to a branch of the Stujiad. Stujiad is an ancient family that prevailed three hundred years ago, but they started declining a hundred years ago. That’s when they were separated into seven or eight middle sized families.”

“And your scimitar. Girls aren’t suited to using scimitars, because they required exceptional strength on the wrist. Only the foreigners living on the north west use this kind of weapon. And you...” Duwei casually took at look at her. “You have brown hair and blue eyes. This denoted you have the blood of the middle south part of the kingdom. I don’t know what your combat techniques are, but from what I saw earlier, you seem more adept at using swords. Even though you don’t have the strength, the enchant from that armor helped you so you could barely use the scimitar. There’s also a magical crystal embedded on the scimitar that can store mana. And a magic circle carved onto the scimitar that lets you use wind magic. Users with enough technique could cast a Wind Blade spell using this scimitar. This... I don’t think you could do it with your current level.”

Relin was astonished. Everything he said was correct.

“But that bow is what I am most curious about.” Duwei picked up the bow. “ The pattern on this bow symbolizes the power of the moon. According to what I read, there’s an ancient family that used the moon’s power as a totem, the Muen family. They prevailed seven hundred years ago, when half of this continent belonged to them. They believed in the Moon Goddess. But unfortunately, during the continental war a few hundred years back, the Muen family’s kingdom was destroyed. Then the continent was united under the Luolan. It was said the Muen family was extinct.”

“I am curious, how can a low level adventurer like you, with low level combat techniques, have three valuable enchanted equipments. Oh and one from the north, one from north west, and the last from an extinct family. So who are you?”

If Mr. Rosia were to hear what was just said, he would feel so proud for this student, and unfair that Duwei was rumored retarded. Even though the explanation seemed simple, they included knowledge of emblems, totems, and the history of the continent. Duwei also said everything without looking up any data. As though he had memorized everything in his head.

“ did you know all this?”

“Books.” Duwei put down the bow. “Books contained all of human’s knowledge. And knowledge is the lighthouse for human to move forward. I started reading these books at age 6.”

“Six? Then you must be a genius. Have you read a lot of books?” Relin sigh.

“I did read quite a bit. But I am no genius. In fact, long ago I didn’t like to read. I didn’t like knowledge.”

“But you...” Relin stopped, realizing this wasn’t the time to have such a conversation.

Duwei said as if muttering to himself. “There’s a story. There’s an exquisite porcelain shop. The owner spent a lot of time and effort creating a new piece. Unfortunately a foreigner accidently ran into the shop and broke the piece. The foreigner felt guilty and decided to create a new piece for the owner to compensate. Right... to compensate.”


“You seem to be interested in other people’s stories. But if I am you, I would worry about my situation first.”

“But you don’t seem to mind speaking to me about these things.”

“That’s because you are a beautiful girl.” Duwei shrugged. “Most men cannot help but speak more in front of a beautiful girl. That is the nature of men.”

“What do you want from me.” Relin gave up. He’s too unpredictable for her.

“Weren’t you trying to seduce me? Now why don’t you try it.”

What did he really mean by that? Relin thought.

Duwei walked over to her and put his hand on her cheeks. Then slided down to her neck. Relin felt as he’s the cat toying with a mouse. Relin started shivering and closed her eyes. Duwei removed the blanket covering her then...

The rope around her hands were cut off.

Duwei was holding a knife on his hand. He took a step back, “Ok, you can leave anytime. My knights wouldn’t refrain you. Your companions can also leave with you. But that magician needs to stay here.”

Relin was shocked and opened her eyes wide, “You said I can go?”

“Yes. I am only interested in that magician companion of yours. As to your equipments, I already studied them so I don’t need them anymore. You can take them with you.”

Relin just couldn’t understand this noble boy. “But attacked us in the tavern...”

“I said I was only interested in magic, not interested in you.” Duwei said indifferently. “I am very busy and I am tired. You can leave now. Don’t disturb me. I don’t like people staring at me when I sleep.” He pointed to the door. His intentions were obvious.

Relin felt as if she was dreaming. She took the knife Duwei handed her and cut off the rope around her legs. She walked to the door like she was still confused.

“Oh yes, since fate let us meet, I have an advice for you if you don’t mind.”

“Yes please, what..what advice?” Relin said with respect.

“A girl like you better find a good guy and get married. Live in a peaceful town, marry an honest little nobility and live knowing your place. It’s difficult for a girl to survive in a world like this. Even if you don’t want to marry, you should find someone to depend on. I believe there are only few remaining of the Muen family.”

“What did you say? Muen?”

“Yes, Muen, the family that believed in the Moon Goddess. I took a look at your fingers. Your ring finger is longer than your middle finger. And there’s a bone behind your head that protruded a bit. According to the books, those are the features of someone from the Muen. These two evidences and that bow of yours, do you want to deny it?”

Relin felt feeble in front of Duwei, more so than any danger she had faced. Can he see through a person’s secrets? And that smile, that pale face, that indifference towards everything. Just like a devil.

After Relin had left, Duwei gave out a sigh and began organizing the books he brought from the city.

Mard knocked on the doors and came in, “Master, are you going to rest? Do you need anything? You haven’t eaten much this evening.”

Duwei knew that Mard was waiting outside his room the whole time, and when he saw Relin left, he was worried.

Perhaps besides the Earl’s wife, he was the one that cared most about me.

“No, and Mard, how much money do I still have?”

“1000 gold. Master, your mother gave them to you in private when you left. I have been keeping them safe.”

“I heard that Kete province produces a type of blue jewel. When we arrive there, buy some and send it back to mother.”

“She would be so delighted.” Mard said, “Master, you are smart, other people doesn’t notices it but I do. If the Earl and your mother knows about everything, they would be so proud of you, but why...”

“Why do I like to let people call me retarded?” Duwei smiled.

Mard panicked a bit but continued. “Everyone treat Jibri as a genius, but you, if it’s not you... I knew you often visit Jibri, and I saw you taught him how to write.”

“Ok Mard, I am tired. Go back to your room. We still have to continue the journey tomorrow.”

Retarded? Whatever, I don’t belong in this world.

The Earl’s wife was a respectable woman, but she didn’t know that I took the body of her first born. Even though I never wished for it.

In the end, I owe the Roland family. Especially that woman. I owe that kind hearted mother a son.

I used some methods to give them back a genius son in secret, then quietly leave that place. That is my compensation to them.

And Jibri, I hope he can satisfy them. After I left the imperial city, I couldn’t go and teach him anymore. In order to become a qualified teacher, I read and learned with all my time these years, and then found a chance to secretly teach everything to my little brother.

Yes, secretly. The Earl thought of retardedness as a contagious disease and wouldn’t let me get near Jibri often.

All the efforts these years, the passion that I never experienced even when I was going to school in the other world.

When Jibri was four and could write his name, the delighted Earl probably didn’t know how much effort his elder son spent. And how hard he tried to make world history into stories so kids would listen.

In this perspective, I think I am talented as a teacher.

Even though I felt indebted to them, I couldn’t accept another couple as my parents. So... under such circumstances, leaving the city after repaying them was the best choice.

Being banished... may not be as bad.

Jibri, you have to work hard. I can’t tell you stories anymore, nor make those training manuals into songs so you could memorize them.

I took away your son. Then I give you back a genius son.

Roland family, that is my little compensation to you.

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