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Law of the Devil
Chapter 12 - Legendary Clan

translated by A013

Duwei’s group continued to move on. Obviously the addition of a female night caught the attention of the other knights. Of course it’s not only because she’s the only girl in the group, but also her relationship with the master.

She came out from the master’s room last night. Then the next day she came to pledge loyalty.

There’s actually another reason for the attention, a bit of jealousy. Yes, jealousy, because she obtain the title of a true knight. Warding knights that belonged to a family were not real knights. They were just a title that included the word “knight”.

Then a girl that they met only a day ago, a low level warrior, suddenly became what these men desired. How can they not be jealous? It was already unfortunate that they were picked to follow the little master here. Their only goal was that someday, this master would recruit them as honor knights.

Everyone knew, that this master could only be a Baron and be able to recruit only ten knights. Then suddenly this unknown girl took one spot. This left them feeling imbalance.

The most reasonable explanation was that a thirteen year old couldn’t understand what knights were. He was treating such valuables as a child’s game. Most importantly, what can you do about a girl with a pretty face?

Relin could feel the sights by her new companions. But she was determined. This new master won’t be a normal person. This wasn’t a wrong decision.

By sunset, Duwei’s carriage crossed a river. It had the official name called “Roland River”. This river was named after the Roland family.

The Roland River spanned across Kete Province and separated it in half. Once you cross this river, you were in the territory of the Roland family.

South of the river was a prairie. This was one of the most fertile land of the kingdom, and an important producer of food. It was the size of half the Kete Province and had an official name “Roland Prairie”. Yes, it was also named after the Roland family.

Two hundred years ago, the Luolan kingdom defended a huge invasion. According to history, the foreigners from the north invaded and put the whole kingdom in war. As the kingdom was declining, rebellions started to take place. The kingdom was on the verge of collapse.

During the war, a group of exceptional people surfaced. One of them was a general from the Roland family. That general accumulated enough achievements to later become a Marshal. The king also married his sister to this marshal.

Before one of the most important battle took place, the king pointed to the Roland River and said, “If you come back with a victory, then south of this river, of the Kete Province will be rewarded to you. In addition, this prairie will also be named after your family, to show the contribution your family made to the kingdom.”

With such encouragement, he won the battle and saved the kingdom. At the same time he won the promise with the king. Since then, this river was named Roland River and this prairie named Roland Prairie. After two hundred years had passed, people had forgotten their original names.

Even though two hundred years had passed, these knights felt excited as they stepped on this land. It was a sense of belonging and pride. Look! This was the land of the Rolands. This was where the great ancestors engraved this name in the kingdoms history and in this land.

Duwei felt the carriage slowed down. He opened the window and saw the knights cheering, totally different from how they had been the past few days. There faces were filled with happiness, pride, and worship.

“We’re home! The Rolands came home! We’re back on our land!”

Different from most nobilities, the Rolands had a tradition of recruiting only warriors from their own land. They believed this could guarantee loyalty from the knights. Even the Earl’s guard, Alpha, was from this land. These knights that accompanied Duwei had been living here for generations.

Duwei thought for a moment, then understood the reason. “Mard, have we crossed the Roland River?”

“Yes master, we arrived home.”

“Mard, tell me, were you also born in Kete Province?”

“Yes, even though I grew up in the imperial city, my father was a citizen of the Roland. He worked as a stable hand under the Roland family his whole life. And I inherited his job.”

“Master, I have to remind you something.”


“The way you just said things was wrong.” Mard had a serious look on his face.

“What’s wrong? You can point it out.” Duwei smiled.

“You asked if I was born in Kete Province. That was inappropriate. Even though the Roland Prairie is located within the Kete Province, but every citizen of the Roland will not say that they belong to the Kete Province when asked of the origin. A real Roland citizen will say they were born in the Roland Prairie. They take pride in their identity. So master, please don’t say it like this next time. Otherwise you will hurt their feelings, especially since you are the elder son of the chief of the family.”

Duwei was surprised that Mard said this with pride.

Perhaps I underestimated this family. Looking at the faces of the knights, only a great family could achieve this.

Then by this situation, the Earl must felt a huge burden when his elder son was a retard. He had to continue on the legacy of the family.

Even though I didn’t approve of the way that father treated me coldly. But I am starting to understand his feelings. As a father, perhaps he could tolerate his son being useless. Yet as the chief of a huge family, he couldn’t accept his successor being someone useless. He must be responsible for the future of this family. Then it seems like his decision to give up me on was excusable.

For a moment, Duwei seemed lost.

Mard was surprised when he saw Duwei’s expression. Ever since he became Duwei’s servant, his master was always indifferent and calm. Never had he showed such expressions.

“Master... can we continue going home?” Mard asked carefully.

“Home..oh yes, go home.” Duwei answered subconsciously, then suddenly a thought rushed to his mind uncontrollably.

Go home!

A light bloomed in his clouded heart. Yes, go home.

For the me that doesn’t belong in this world, what I am missing the most was a sense of belonging. For these years I had been indifferent, not expressing my feelings and even suppressing some of them. The root of the cause is I never think of myself as part of this world. That’s why a lot of times I see myself as an observer, a guest. This mentality caused me to feel indifferent.

Go home, such a wonderful phrase.

The Duwei that was indifferent all these years, suddenly felt a sense of expectation to arriving at the Roland’s mansion.

Looking at those prideful knights. Will I be able to find my sense of belonging here? I hope so!

If I can’t go back to my real home. Then maybe I can find a new home that my heart can feel connected to. After all, since I have already come to this world, life still goes on.

With a bit of afterglow left in the sky, Duwei stepped out of the dim and concealed carriage, out of the shadow, into the beautiful sunset.

Sunlight shone on his face as though it had dispersed all the haze. This boy’s face finally showed a smile, and his expression finally had a hint of emotion.

That emotion was, expectation!

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