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Law of the Devil
Chapter 3 - The Way of Magic

translated by A013

Rumors spread throughout the imperial city. The retarded child of the Roland family made his teach left.

People were happy to talk about unfortunate things happening around such a significant person.

Earl Raymond also made a mistake when he offered the quest to find people to make his child talk. That event made Duwei famous throughout the city and became the topic of entertainment.

This day, the Earl went to see his son again. And accompanying him is a man in gray robe, gray pointed hat, with skinny fingers, and clouded eyes. This man emitted an unpleasant smell of rot and old.

“Magician Clark, this is my son.” The Earl said politely. “Can you see if he has any talent in the path of magic, even a little bit?”

If magicians are a job, then this job is the one of the most prestigious. In any place in this world, magicians is a symbol of elitists. They have the privileges of the nobility, they receive the best treatments. A strong magician can rival a small army during a war. Any country will want to recruit magicians, not just for their ability, but they also won’t threaten those in power. A magician spends most of his life in research and meditation to accumulate mana. Almost all of them has no desires of the common people. Their biggest goal is to seek the truth of magic.

But the Earl didn’t want his son to become a magician. Because magicians were feared by everyone, as monsters. They were too logical, solitary, weird, and drown in their research. No woman will like to have a relationship with a monster that dwells in his laboratory. No nobility will invite a cold magician to parties. And no kings will give a magician political power.

Duwei was the heir of the Roland family. He needed to marry, have his children, participate in social engagements of the nobles. Yet what can he do if he can’t become a warrior or scholar? The path of magic is the only one left.

The Earl led Clark and his son into a concealed room.

“Listen kid.” Clark took out a little bottle and poured out a bit of golden powder into his finger tip. He drew a circle around the room and looked at Duwei. “I casted a seal. No one will be able to hear our conversation here. Now tell me kid, what do you think is magic?”

What is magic? Duwei hesitated at this question. He’s very curious about the magic in this world. After all, there were so many fancy legends about magic. But his impression of magic revolves around chanting a spell, then magical things happen.

Seeing as Duwei remained silent, Clark laughed at himself and thought this question was probably too deep for a child. “Magic is the power given to humans by God. It’s the path for humans to reach the ultimate power. To understand themselves, understand this world, and reach the biggest gift God gave humans.”

Clark’s voice sounded sacred. However this did not affect Duwei. He remained silent and expressionless. Clark took out a crystal ball from under his robe.

“Spiritual power is used to measure if a person has the talent for magic, although it’s not the only standard, it’s the most important one. Now, let me measure your talent in mana.”

“Spiritual power? Mana? Aren’t magicians the only one with mana?” Duwei finally opened his mouth.

“Who told you such inaccurate statements? The Roland mansion doesn’t even have anyone with common sense? Spiritual power is what normal people says, we magicians call it mana. Magicians can use meditation techniques to increase our mana, then use it to observe this world, observe the secrets of nature, and all kinds of energy in nature. Only people with high enough mana can achieve this. Magic is the use of techniques to control the energy of nature with mana.

“I understand. Spiritual power is mana, and mana is a kind of lever. Magicians use this level to borrow the power of nature.”

“Hard to believe this comes out from a five year old. You are smart, why do they call you retarded?”

Duwei didn’t answer his question and just stared at Clark. Clark didn’t want to waste his time on such questions either and moved on.

“The nature contains many elements. Every one of them is a source of power. Rain, thunder, blizzard, wind, even the movements of the sun and moon, life and death of plants. A great magician can observe all the little elements. Your metaphor with lever is interesting. As you said, when your lever is bigger, you can maneuver a higher amount of energy.”

“So that’s how it is. I thought a magician’s power came from within his body.”

“I have to question, who taught you such non sense. Even a magic student knows that common sense. A human’s power is limited. No matter how strong you are, there’s a limit. But magicians can do what normal people can’t. Yet, that isn’t from their own power. Through magic the borrow power from nature. And in this world, God created us and the world. So when we are using magic, we are using the power of God. Remember, God created human. Human can’t ever possess power equal to God. That is a taboo.”

“I am curious. Why does the Roland family has someone like you that doesn’t have any common sense. I warn you not to say that power comes from a magician’s body again. You will be burned in front of the temple. Because your words questioned God.”

Duwei remained silent again.

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