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Law of the Devil
Chapter 8 - Instant Casting

translated by A013

“Oh, right.” Duwei nodded then laughed. “Then find her a room and let her take it off. I don’t have any other intentions. I am just interested in your armor.”

“If you dare to touch me, I’ll make you...” The girl cursed.

Duwei walked over with a stern look and poked her face with a finger. “Now I touched you. What are you going to make me?”

The knights tied up adventurers. They somehow found a chain for the bulky warrior as well. The girl was knocked unconscious and threw into Duwei’s room. It seemed like the little master was interested in this girl, then as his knights...

The magician was standing in front of Duwei in just underwears. His hands and legs were also tied up. At first he tried to threaten this little noble. “How can you treat a magician like this, aren’t you afraid of offending the magician’s guild?”

Duwei answered with a slap on the face. This shut the magician up.

“If you can answered a few of my questions, I can consider releasing you.” Duwei sat down on a chair in front of him. “You were casting fireballs without chant. Did you mastered the instant cast technique?”

This was what Duwei was most interested in. Magicians must chant when casting a spell. This was common sense in all the books he read. However, there were some specially talented magicians who mastered the instant cast technique. They would chant their spells silently in their mind, but it required a huge mana pool and extreme understanding of magic.

Another way of casting spells without chants was to use enchanted scrolls. Magicians would create a scroll and store a magic into it in advance. However, magical scrolls were very valuable. The higher level the spell, the lower the chance of successfully creating it. Some of the highest level spells had never been created into scrolls.

Some high level magicians invented techniques to shorten the chant and leave out some sounds to cast a spell faster. However, those techniques were always kept secret. That’s how they would gain an advantage in battles. The technique of instant cast would be something everything magician lust for.

Duwei wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t believe this level one magician could master such technique. He speculated this guy must be using some trick to replace casting. Otherwise if he was such a great magician, he wouldn’t be tied up here. Duwei was interested in that secret.

The magician’s expression looked horrible. He moved his eyes away from Duwei and kept his mouth shut. Duwei wouldn’t expect him to spit it out so easily. They were in the tavern’s kitchen. He had the time to spend with the magician.

Duwei started examining the magician’s items. A regular robe and an enchanted emblem of the magician’s guild. He threw both items into the stove and burned them. That emblem came with anti theft properties.

“You see, I meant no harm to you. I am just a boy interested in magic. If you will answer my questions, I can release you.”

The magician was still silent.

Duwei continued to examining. There were a few low quality jewels in the magician’s bag. Two regular scrolls. Some low level spells were recorded on them. Even though he had seen a lot of books related to magic, due to strict laws, no actual spells were allowed to be recorded on books, only theories.

So Duwei who knew so much about magic and it’s theories, yet didn’t know a single spell.

Similar to gun control in the other world. He thought to himself. Everyone could learn about guns through the internet, but no individual could easily create a gun.

“And what is this?” He took out a few bottles from the bag. Inside them were powders of various colors. He wouldn’t open the bottles without knowing what’s inside. Magicians often carry dangerous ingredients.

“Then my speculations are correct. You are not a real talented magician. But from what I saw, you used some tricks. Right? You have two choices, either tell me everything and satisfy my curiosity and I will release you, or you will have a rough time.”

“You are a noble! Don’t you feel it is out of your nobility to treat a magician like this”

Duwei remained silent.

Noble? So what? When Duwei came to this world he lost his friends, family, goals and everything. The first few years he felt as though he was living in a chaos, without any goals to live. Now the only thing in this unfamiliar world that could still peak his interest was magic.

And everything else? He didn’t care.

That was why he attacked these strangers in the tavern. To satisfy his curiosity. Were his actions morally justified? He didn’t care. Duwei Roland was not a good person, and neither was the him in that world.

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