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Law of the Devil
Chapter 9 - Rolynn’s Seduction Plan

translated by A013

The magician’s stubbornness was more than he had expected.

“Keep your eyes on him, don’t let him escape. Don’t forget he’s a magician. Just don’t let him recover mana. A magician without mana fare worse than a normal person.” Duwei told the knights looking over the captive. “Every once in a while, give him a cold bath. Don’t let him have time to sleep or meditate.”

Duwei got back to his room and closed the door. The girl was tied on a chair.

As Duwei stepped closer, Relin got scared. This bastard looked young, perhaps he wouldn’t do those horrible things to me. Relin understood how seductive she was to men.

Though the most feared thing on Relin’s mind was the boy’s too young and wouldn’t be interested in her body. Then she would had lost her weapon. It was not easy being an adventurer, especially when her party was weak. She had learned to use her body to deceit, as long as it didn’t go past her limit. That scimitar was a gift from a large adventure team. And the magician joined the team for her. She’s like a fox, cunning everyone yet at the same time protecting herself.

Relin’s reason for coming to the Kete province was to escape. She seduced a noble in the north and he even gifted her the enchanted leather armor handed down from his family. Yet he got nothing much out of Relin. Before he realized it, Relin was gone.

As Duwei walked closer and his hand closing in. Relin gave a sigh and was prepared to sacrifice. She started to consider how to make Duwei release her. Perhaps acting submissive to satisfy him? Or act pity and beg for sympathy?

After balancing her options Relin decided to act innocent and naive. Yes, a shy expression, a scared look, and those innocent eyes. This should seduce boys his age.

Relin was quite confident in her acting. She believe once Duwei saw it, he would show a bit of sympathy.

“Please, don’t...” She said as a hand reached behind her back. Her body started shivering at the right time. The hand unbuttoned the leather armor, and then the armor left her body, exposing her body.

What will he do? Relin felt nervous. Will he jump on me? Relin’s mind was racing with these thoughts. And then it was too quiet.

Relin finally opened her eyes and looked at the noble standing in front of her. He was examining the armor with such concentration. Not even as to spare her the peripheral visions.

Stupid kid. Damn him. Couldn’t he see my body? Relin got mad at the sight. Is he even a guy? Or is he blind?

Relin gave a discreet cough trying to get his attention. But her efforts were futile. The noble walked away to a chair then sit down and continued examining the armor. Relin continued coughing louder and louder.

“Does your throat hurt?” Duwei casually asked after a while. Finally taking his eyes off the armor and looked at her with an expression of tease.

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